" A social group designed to pass down information and skills, share common interests and develop bonds, in a classless community. Taking heavy influence from indigenous lifestyles with an aim to re-wilding, optimising leisure time and expanding growth as a human"


events for tribe members

Meet ups to move together, learn new skills and gain a social connection

Generally based in a few regular rural outdoor locations, with occasional indoor venues depending on the aim of the session

Regular Tribal gatherings will be in Pembrokeshire, with a view to increasing locations based on demand and interest. 

Weekend overnight meets designed to integrate the Tribe and fully immerse into the  outdoor environment: moving, cooking, eating, learning, resting together

Open to all family members, no age restrictions

Guest instructors brought in with a wide range of skill sets; broadening the learning experience and opening the mind



tribal expeditions and experiences

I've trekked in many parts of the world and most the UK's National parks, organising the vast majority myself, without a guide and often doing it solo

My aim is to make these expeditions more accessible, without expensive middle men, whilst keeping it simple and minimal. More emphasis on the natural environment and Tribal bonding and less on performance goals

By attaining basic competence in personal administration, fieldcraft and medical skills on training days prior, this makes the expedition a more enjoyable and valuable experience all round; practicing rather than being taught intensively and under constant supervision. A valuable and cohesive Tribe, with a generic and individual skill set is the overall aim



videos and blog articles

Instructional training, kit and equipment reviews and fieldcraft skills available in a private members area on youtube

A regular newsletter linking to events of interest, podcasts, articles and videos, (From Primal Pathway and the wider community)

Travel blogs and articles aimed at helping others with planning advice and experience of the country/area (encouraged from all Tribe members)


Discount on high quality supplements

I would never recommend anything that I didn't believe in, purely for financial gain. As an ambassador for Revolution Foods, they have been my "go to" over the years for, what I believe, is the leading supplement brand in terms of quality and ethics

Most supplement companies have superficial goals of maximising sporting performance and building muscle

These guys are all about optimising health and wellness, which as a byproduct increases performance and body composition


primal pathway clothing

Quality kit designed to wick moisture and move with you.

I went with American Apparel t-shirts and vests after testing the 50/50 cotton/polyester t-shirts throughout my travels. I still have t-shirts I wear now that are over 5 years old, never lost shape and still going strong. 

American Apparel tri-blend vests

Long sleeved, heavier weight tops will soon be available to cover the colder months