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Gardeners Movement Workshop

The aim of the game is to be able to keep doing what we enjoy for as long as we possibly can and to remain healthy and mobile…but what does that actually mean and how can we do it? Movement in life is a series of patterns both simple and complex. Take walking for example; we continually lose and regain our balance over a course to reach a destination. We reach a level of competency through trial and error and repetition of the movement pattern. If we look at Gardening, it is actually quite complex: lifting, carrying, changing levels, pulling, pushing, rotating, moving in and out of alignment, undulating terrain, slippery surfaces, weather changes. With advancing years, the risk of injury increases due to decreased range of movement, motor skills and muscle mass if not maintained. It doesn’t have to be this way however…I designed this workshop to help gardeners of all ages and fitness levels keep doing the things that they enjoy, as efficiently as they can, for as long as they can, with minimal pain and discomfort. Worksop outline: Address the keys to longevity: cardio respiratory fitness, balance, reaction speed, mobility and muscular strength Learn creative partner exercises both competitively and cooperatively Practically explore joint mobility and posture improvement Look at how we reorganise the centres of balance: head, chest and pelvis Gain the ability to move efficiently from standing to kneeling Work on ground flow; the ability to adopt and change positions for both work and rest Discover the positions that best suit your anatomy and mobility level and create individual patterns that best suit your tasks and environment Don’t be put off by the words” fitness” and “strength”, these words often conjure up visions of gymnasium based high-intensity activities, but thats not what “Movement” for longevity is all about. Simply put, we need to increase the heart rate and improve blood flow through activities such as walking, while increasing and/or maintaining strength either by lifting eternal loads e.g. compost bags, plant pots or using bodyweight to create tension in the muscle fibres. Most of all it will be interactive and lots of fun…Life is movement and Movement is life The event will be held at the Daisybus Gardens and the price includes the: workshop, garden entry, tea and cake. Before and after the workshop there is the opportunity to explore the beautiful gardens, forest bathe and relax in the serene and calming environment…we look forward to seeing you.

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