A picture paints a thousand words, so i've made the bio more of a visual experience to get the flavour...

Physical training, adventure and travel have been my life long passions. Competitive amateur boxing as a teenager lead me to joining The British Army’s elite Parachute Regiment, serving operationally and qualifying as a physical training instructor (PTI) in 2002

The subsequent years have seen me operating internationally in the commercial security arena in various hot spots

Working longer stints away gave me lengthy holiday periods; this enabled me to travel around the world, learning from subject matter experts in various physical training methodologies and disciplines

A pivotal point was being shown a video by a friend and it really made me question what fitness was all about; What were my motives? This changed my overall approach and application to training and instructing forever

I did my research, discovered La Méthode Naturelle, translated as The Natural Method; a french natural movement system developed for the Armed forces in the early 1900's by Georges Hébert (below left). It resonated with me, as a lot of the concepts were covered in its pure form during my early PTI courses in the Army. The method also had a strong influence in Erwan Le Corre's Movnat system, which was far more accessible for me to follow and achieve instructor status. I practiced on my own for a while and eventually signed up for my first workshop: Rome, Italy in 2014 (below right)

Again I went away, practiced, got distracted at times, but was enjoying the whole journey. I also became less and less reliant on being in a gymnasium and the vast majority of my training was conducted in an outdoor environment. You know that training is an important part of your life when you buy a Land Rover Defender and convert it into a mobile gym! This became the "Gymrover" and allows me to teach the skills in much more diverse areas

After continued practice and a lot of instructing, I eventually went over to Lisbon, Portugal in 2016 and completed my level 1 Movnat certification course and one of two who successfully passed the level 2 course which followed. I use some of the Movnat principles but try to follow La Méthode Naturelle in it’s pure form as the major influence in my own system

Lots of adventure travel, volunteer work and instructing on various seminars and retreats has helped me hone my primal skills